Conflict Sensitivity Training for Young Leaders


On October 25th, 12 youth volunteers from Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Zugdidi have been provided with dynamic and interactive training that aimed to introduce participants to the basic theories of conflict analysis and management, as well as provide procedural knowledge required to run and participate in virtual online peacebuilding sessions.

The session on 25 October was held at Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia. It started with a peer education session about conflict resolution and mediation, conducted by youth already involved in Georgia – Abkhazia, Georgia – Ossetia people to people dialogue. Etuna Pruidze, MA student of Conflict Analyses and Management explained basic theories of how conflicts erupt, evolve, and can be resolved to high school students, while Levan Lortkipanidze MA student of Political Sciences has brought up several international and local examples of how youth engagement have proven to be successful in crisis and conflict situations, thus encouraged attendees to become actively involved in peacebuilding processes. At the end of speaker panel, Tatuli Beraia IDP from Gulripshi, shared her personal experience of interacting with Abkhaz youth during a training held in Italy.

Convinced that youth play important role in conflict mediation, attendees found out more about the general gamification tendency towards peacebuilding and planned activities of Elva in this direction, from Nino Nanitashvili, Associate Project Manager.

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