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Developing Peace Park: Community Driven Game Design

The Peace Park game was developed by Storm Bringer Studios, in close cooperation with Elva Community Engagement and Mark Rein-Hagen, a well-known game designer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. At Elva we strongly believe in the active involvement of local communities within all aspects of our work. During the development of Peace Park, we actively involved the local […]


Positive interaction though online games

By playing games like Minecraft together online, youth across conflict divides are interacting with each other in online worlds. In these worlds, youth cooperate with each other to win the different challenges that they encounter.

Promoting inter-ethnic engagement through online gaming

In the framework of our project “Promoting inter-ethnic engagement amongst youth through online gaming” we will build upon the successful experiences of Games for Peace in the Middle East to get children and youth in Caucasus to interact by playing the very popular online game Minecraft. Whilst playing, children and youth will meet their peers […]

Games for Peace Caucasus

Elva Community Engagement  and organization Games for Peace and the have signed an agreement in which Games for Peace will participate as a consultant for the project “Promoting Mutual Trust and Interaction Amongst Youth through Online Gaming”, supported by EU/UNDP program Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism (COBERM). The project aims to stimulate trust, understanding and interaction […]